About ReCap Group

At ReCap Group, we are dedicated to solving the problem of dislocation between capital and project and making clean energy project happen.

Our team of experts design and implement the financial structures necessary for these investments to be viable, typically based on some combination of structured leasing, trade finance, project finance and own investments. By combining technical and financial expertise, we select the projects most likely to generate high returns, and then structure the transaction between supplier, customer and financier to ensure these opportunities reach financial closure.

ReCap’s founders and team share a passion for helping create a sustainable future in a way that makes business sense. We have combined backgrounds in project investments and finance, carbon trading and finance, as well as strategic, financial and legal advisory.


Marco Berggren

Founder, CEO

Extensive experience implementing and financing clean energy projects in Europe, China, India, Latin America and South East Asia. Formerly Head of Tech Transfer at Tricorona and CEO of the ReCap Group since its inception. MSc in Environmental Economics and MSc in International Trade.

Kristian Brüning

Senior Advisor, Carbon and Trade Finance

Experience in developing carbon and project finance solutions for technology companies and financial institutions. Formerly Head of Carbon Finance within Trade Finance at Wärtsilä, Finland. MSc in Economics and Finance, Certified European Financial Analyst (CEFA) diploma.

Roland Elander

Business Developer

Entrepreneur and extensive experience from sustainable project, funding international business.

Stefan Jonsson

Senior Consultant, Leasing and Vendor Finance

Three decades of experience from banking and international leasing and vendor financing. Formerly Head of International Vendor Financing at SEB.

Bo Ericsson

Senior Consultant, Export Finance

Extensive experience from global project and customer financing at Alfa Laval and Tetra Laval. Formerly head of Trade Finance Alfa Laval.

Marie Regmert


Patrik Bernhardsson



Nicholas Anderson

Senior Advisor

Four decades of experience from finance and banking, most recently as Head of SEK Advisory Services at SEK, the Swedish Export Credit Corporation, and previously as CEO of Municipality Finance plc, Finland. Leading expert on public and private infrastructure investments, covering both traditional procurement models and innovative PPP solutions.

Conor Foley

Senior Advisor

Experience in general project and customer finance. Solid understanding of cleantech market from financial and technical perspectives. Formerly Business Development Manager at Tricorona. MBA from Stockholm School of Economics, MA from University of Cambridge.

Alfonso Morales

Senior Advisor

Through his earlier political assignments in Colombia and with his assignment as a member of the Stockholm County Council, which he has hold since 2006, Alfonso has an unique political experience to relate to development in Latin America and specifically in Colombia. MSc in Economics with International Trade from University of Skövde and University of Gothenburg.