Starting project operation in Colombia

ReCap is proud to start the operations of its first Colombian project at Restaurant El Tambor.
Our PV system is expected to allow savings of almost 3 million COP in electricity costs, without any investments from the client, and to avoid over 9 tons of CO2 emissions yearly to El Tambor.
Respecting the client’s wish for preserving the architectural identity of the building, ReCap and local partner Sinergysol designed a ground mounted system installed in a fenced area in the restaurant’s premises.
The PV system rises the awareness of El Tambor’s clients for clean and economically viable solar energy, while contributes positively to the restaurant’s image.

ReCap signs partnership agreement with ElektSolar

ReCap and ElektSolar join forces for undertaking projects in Brazil. ElektSolar has installed over 4 MW and sees in the collaboration with ReCap a way to boost its commercial and industrial rooftop solar projects.

ReCap has done a training session with ElektSolar representatives from different regions of Brazil and has started to work on the first proposals.

Siqueira Neto, CEO to ElektSolar understands that ReCap comes as an excellent solution for businesses that cannot or don’t wish to make the investments themselves.

Through the ReCap contract clients can benefit from the savings without any worries with financing, O&M or legislation changes, states Siqueira.




ReCap participates in Genera 2019

ReCap attends GENERA, the International Fair of Energy and Environment, promoting relationships with the different agents of the photovoltaic market and strengthening relations with installers, distributors and manufacturers. We expect that the success of the fair will translate into a great 2019 for the photovoltaic sector.



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ReCap Group acquires Endless AB

ReCap Group acquires Endless AB to expand its solar investments products into social housing. “The combination of ReCap’s financial expertise with Endless’ social and environmental approach shall provide a good base for the popularization of distributed solar energy and provide a meaningful contribution to meeting Sustainable Development Goals 1, 7 and 11” says the founder and CEO of Endless.

Among the work developed by Endless AB, one can highlight the Distributed Energy for Social Housing (DESH). This project aims to give feasibility for solar energy in low income households in Brazil, the client group with the least access to solar energy. DESH is one of the projects being developed in the Climate Finance Lab, an initiative created by the partnership of major development finance institutions, key private sector actors, and several climate finance donor governments.



Recognition from the Renewable Energy Association of Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

ReCap Canarias is pleased with the recognition received by its manager, Juan Gámez last Friday, 9 November, as previous President of the Association of Renewable Energy of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ASERPA), in the event held for celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the association.

We also thank ASERPA and FEMEPA for inviting us to the event, where we shared experiences and innovative ideas to boost the growth of the renewable energies sector in the Canary Islands.



Castro Ojeda Food Group signs contract with ReCap Canarias

ReCap Canarias thanks the Castro Ojeda Food Group for the confidence to invest, build and operate a captive use solar plant to provide cheaper electricity to the facility of Castro Ojeda in Gran Canaria.

Castro Ojeda is specialized in frozen meat and fish and is glad to be able to reduce CO2 emissions and lower the electricity bill without any own investment.



ReCap Colombia signs contract with El Tambor

ReCap Colombia signs its second solar contract in Colombia with El Tambor, which has 4 popular restaurants “campestres” in the outskirts of Bogotá

ReCap Colombia signs contract with Agromonte S.A.

ReCap Colombia is happy to celebrate its first solar contract with Agromonte S.A., a distinguished cultivator of carnation and roses for the Japanese and North American markets.

ReCap at ANDREC 2018

ReCap Solar continues to build business relationships in the ANDREC week 2018 in Bogotá, Colombia. In this event, ReCap is expanding its network and discovering new opportunities for renewable energy in the Colombian market.

ANDREC is Colombia’s leading clean energy meeting place for utility and industrial scale projects.




Ultra Energia / SolVale and ReCap Solar partnership

On August 30, 2018, the companies signed a letter of intent aimed at cooperation for the development of solar projects to maximize energy efficiency in Brazil. The main objective will be to combine ReCap’s experience in identifying and financing profitable opportunities in clean energy to the knowledge of Ultra Energia / SolVale in the development of solar energy projects in the Brazilian market.