ReCap Finance

We uncover opportunities in capital constrained sectors
and markets for clean energy projects

ReCap Finance has extensive experience in identifying and financing highly profitable opportunities within clean energy, bridging the gap between financiers and clean energy installations. We combine deep technical knowledge of the clean energy sector with a strong financial acumen, both critical to success.

The most attractive asset finance opportunities are funded in our own right, on an asset finance basis, resulting in accelerated project implementation and attractive returns. We work on a risk-sharing basis aligning our interests with our customers and partners.


Our accumulated finance experience allows us to successfully create and manage financing structures that traditional banking sector does not offer.

ReCap has a broad and well developed network of technology providers, project developers and advisors. This is a rich source of attractive projects to finance, either directly or through joint venture partnerships.


ReCap is driven by a passion to realize profitable projects that have significant environmental benefits. We are currently working on a pipeline of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in four continents, under different stages of implementation.

El Tambor Restaurant

Size: 19,04 kWp
Location: Cundinamarca, Colombia
Client: JELM Inversiones SAS
Production: 23 425 kWh per year
CO2 reductions: 9,1 tons per year


Size: 24,70 kWp
Location: Cundinamarca, Colombia
Client: C.I. Agromonte S.A.
Production: 30 389 kWh per year
CO2 reductions: 11,82 tons per year

Repsol Palo Blanco

Size: 20,13 kWp
Location: Santa Cruz, Tenerife
Client: Petróleos Marinos Canarios S.L.
Production: 31 922 kWh per year
CO2 reductions: 28,03 tons per year


At ReCap, we form partnerships with technology providers and project developers. By combining these two networks, we create value for both: we help technology providers find ways to finance the customers to purchase their products, and we help project developers source finance and technology they need to implement their projects.