ReCap Advisory

ReCap Advisory provides its customers with the expertise required to create financial structures that make their projects fully bankable on a risk-sharing basis

Technology suppliers and project developers often know exactly how to solve the technical engineering challenges associated with the implementation of their projects. The associated financial engineering challenges can, however, be daunting, particularly in cross-border situations, with issues to resolve such as loan guarantees, export credits, lease structure, off-take contracts, payment flows, risk management, price hedging, ownership structure and more.

While large multinational companies regularly have in-house departments to manage these activities, mid-size companies often lack the experience and capacity to offer their customers such financial solutions, putting them at a disadvantage. We have decades of relevant experience in-house, and access to a closely-linked network of professionals. Our specialist areas include Trade Finance and Financial Project Development.

Trade Finance

Our experts in Trade Finance focus on two core areas: Structured Leasing and Export Finance.

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Financial Project Development

We work with project owners, technology suppliers and project developers to create and implement a financial structure designed specifically for each individual project.

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