Trade Finance

Our experts in Trade Finance focus on two core areas: Structured Leasing and Export Finance.


Structured Leasing

Leasing is a common way to structure clean energy projects, where a third-party financier purchases the equipment from the supplier and then leases it to the user. ReCap’s expertise is in creating leasing structures including elements such as performance guarantees, multi-party agreements and hybrid structures. We offer a complete service, from feasibility assessment through to lessor evaluation and contract negotiation.

Export Finance

For cross-border transactions, assistance such as export credit guarantees or export credit insurance is often available from agencies such as EKN in Sweden, EKF in Denmark, Finnvera in Finland, etc. — often in conjunction with export finance institutions such as SEK or other international banks.  However, these agencies and institutions typically require transactions to be structured and managed in certain ways, with strict requirements for security, letters of credit, local permits, ownership structures etc. For those companies that do not have the appropriate expertise in-house, ReCap Advisory provides the skills necessary to ensure that its customers can get the maximum possible benefit from export credit agencies and associated financial institutions.