Starting the construction of the solar + storage system at Ge.Ma & Cri.Ma S.L.

With zero investment from its side Ge.Ma & Cri.Ma. will improve the quality of its electrical energy, reduce costs and lower GHG emissions.

The construction has started and Ge.Ma & Cri.Ma will soon be able to enjoy the benefits of the 29,9 kWp with batteries that ReCap is installing on the company’s roof in Cáceres, Spain.

The 90 Canadian Solar polycrystalline panels combined with 3 single-phase 10 kW Solar Edge inverters and the 3 LG batteries of 10 kWh each shall produce over 46 thousand kWh per year as well as avoid blackouts and energy fluctuations to this Client.

ReCap custom designed this solution for Ge.Ma & Cri.Ma aiming to supply almost all of the company’s electricity need through the system.