Rabbalshede Kraft and Recap Energy Join Forces to Increase Solar Energy in the Nordics

Rabbalshede Kraft is now taking the step from being a pure wind power company to supplementing wind power with more renewable energy sources. One of these investments is solar energy in their own projects or in the form of collaboration.

Rabbalshede Kraft and Recap Energy have begun a collaboration with the ambition to increase the supply of solar energy in the Swedish market. Recap Energy has primarily worked in Spain, Portugal, Colombia, Brazil and India. But with origins in the Nordics and head office in Stockholm, it is natural to join forces in the Swedish market with financed solar facilities.

Rabbalshede Kraft’s CEO, Peter Wesslau, states: “By developing, owning and operating renewable energy sources, we are a long-term player and partner who has the ambition to increase the supply of locally produced green electricity. With this collaboration, we enable the conditions needed to succeed. We have a common driving force for renewable energy and the knowledge and experience that complement each other well – all the way from design, financing, construction and operation “.

Recap Energy with CEO Marco Berggren, adds: “What we have learned from other countries will now fit well into our new collaboration with Rabbalshede Kraft. Our common concept means that the customer is offered profitability in a solar system from day one. The focus is on companies that do not want to invest in solar cells themselves but who want to ensure competitive and renewable electricity use. We also take on the responsibility for the installation and management. ”

So far, solar energy accounts for only a small part of Sweden’s total electricity production. But the trend points to an upturn driven by rapid technological development.

The collaboration involves an investment in order to build solar plants with a total capacity of 50 MW over a 2-year period.