AGROMONTE GACHANCIPA – Their products are as green as their values

Agromonte has been in the flower business since 1984; their goal is to produce the highest quality and provide excellent service to customers. The monthly production is around 2,000,000 stems of Standard Carnations and 400,000 stems of Spray Carnations.

They are located Gachancipá, traditionally an agricultural town but one that has witnessed expansion, with the establishment of industrial corporations. Agromonte is in the middle of this exciting development and hope to be part of it with the continuous contribution to the geographical surrounding.

The installation of the 12.62 kWp photovoltaic plant has a positive sustainable impact

It allows energy generation without air pollution and contributes to curbing climate change. The system installed at Agromonte  is expected to avoid emissions of 12. 58 Tons of CO2 equivalent annually, which is comparable to the planting of 578 trees.