New projects in Spain

This November, ReCap signed 5 new projects in different regions of Spain. The projects have a total capacity 354 kWp.

Within these, we highlight the solution proposed to client Gema&Crima.

A ReCap client since June 2019, Gema&Crima had to increase its contracted power, for which they would have to make a substantial investment themselves.

ReCap solved the issue by installing a 103 kWh battery thus adding 29 kWp to the PV capacity. As a result, Gema&Crima avoided the need to increase the capacity and its related costs, and now benefits from even more clean, locally produced and cheaper energy.

Virutex Ilko Colombia – 614.18 kWp

Puerto Tejada (Cauca), Colombia. ReCap is growing and is proud to announce another solid project and a promising partnership – with Virutex Ilko Colombia. The 614.18 kWp rooftop installation for self-consumption will be, to date, our largest in Colombia, in a long list of excellent investment opportunities on this market. The plant will provide clean energy to the local Virutex manufacturing facility helping them reduce their carbon footprint by more than 300 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year, the equivalent of planting nearly 14,000 trees.

Empresas Virutex Ilko is a Chile-based family business in cleaning and kitchen products with more than 70 years of history. It has operations in Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Argentina, and it exports to more than 20 other countries.

Project Commissioned – 60,75 kWp – Colégio Claretiano, Colombia

ReCap is proud to announce the commissioning of the rooftop installation at Colegio Claretiano in Colombia, a market heavily hit by Covid-19. The plant shall produce 91.610 kWh and avoid 35,64 tons of CO2 emissions per year.  More than a source of clean energy and cost savings for the school, the project will also serve as a showcase of the functionality and advantages of solar power for students, parents, and other members of the school community.





Installation works – 491,4 kWp Avícola Rujamar

ReCap has started the installation works of the 491,4 kWp solar system to Avícola Rujamar. The aviculture company produces high quality free-range and organic eggs from cage free hens, and soon will be powered by solar!

Installation works 1 MW – Màgic Badalona

The installation works are on the go, soon Màgic will benefit from lower-than-utility costs for all the solar generated energy. Solar energy at zero investments? ReCap does the magic!

Project Commissioned – 100,62 kWp – Piedras Ornamentales Extremeñas

ReCap is proud to announce the commissioning of another project. Piedras Ornamentales Extremeñas will start to benefit from solar energy at lower-than-utility price. The project includes SolarEdge inverters with optimizers and 234 ZNShine panels.

Project Commissioned – 261,3 kWp – Sabores de Guijuelo

Clean, solar energy at lower-than-utility price. The 261,3 kWp project, another one for client Grupo Víctor Goméz  was just commissioned. The project is ground mounted and includes SolarEdge inverters and ZNShine 430 Wp bifacial panels.

Crowdlending Campaign for Solar Projects in Colombia

After the successful campaign for two solar projects in Brazil, ReCap and partner fintech company GoParity  join forces once more for a crowdlending campaign for two solar projects in Colombia. Check it out in:




Project Commissioned – 98,56 kWp – Vasomadrid

Another Client getting solar energy at lower-than-utility price. ReCap is proud to announce the commissioning of the 98,56 kWp project for Vasomadrid. The project includes SolarEdge inverters and shall generate around 150.000 kWh per year for the package manufacturer.


Project Commissioned – 239 kWp – Almuplas

ReCap is proud to announce the commissioning of the 239 kWp project for plastic goods manufacturer Almuplas. This project was built with tier 1 Talesun MONO PERC 375Wp panels and SolarEdge inverters. The system shall generate over 350.000 kWh per year at lower-than-utility price for the Client.