Recap firma acuerdo de PPA Flexible para instalación fotovoltaica de 2,375 MWp con Cotton South / Celsur, para ahorro de 2.167 toneladas de CO2 equivalente

Recap Energy, gestora de fondos de inversión en energías renovables, ha ganado un proyecto con el fabricante de celulosa Cotton South / Celsur para su sede y unidade de fabricación de 150.000 m2 en Granada, con ventas anuales de 18 millones de euros.

“Este proyecto es de especial importancia, dada la competencia que tuvimos para cerrar el trato. Reconfirma la solidez del PPA Flexible de Recap, en beneficio de nuestros clientes”, dijo el director general de Recap España, César Estévez.


Recap signs Flexible PPA for a 2.375 MWp solar PV with Cotton South /Celsur, for savings of 2,167 tons CO2 equivalent

Recap Energy manages renewable energy investment funds, has won a project with Cellulose manufacturer Cotton South / Celsur for their 150,000 m2 manufacturing headquarters in Granada, with annual sales value of 18 million euros.

“This project is of specific importance, given the competition we had in closing the deal. It reconfirms the strength of the Recap’s Flexible PPA, for the benefit of our clients,” said Recap Spain’s General Manager César Estévez.


Recap assina PPA flexível para instalação fotovoltaica de 2,375 MWp com Cotton South / Celsur, gerando economia de 2.167 toneladas de CO2 equivalente

 A Recap Energy, administradora fundos de investimento em energias renováveis, venceu um projeto com a fabricante de celulose Cotton South / Celsur para a sua sede / unidade fabril de 150.000 m2 em Granada, com vendas anuais de 18 milhões de euros.

“Este projeto é de particular importância, dada a concorrência que tivemos. Isto reafirma a força do PPA Flexível da Recap, em benefício dos nossos clientes”, disse César Estévez, Gerente Geral da Recap Espanha.

Sun-powered Laboratorios Aseptic – Colombia

The sun is shining bright in Colombia, and Recap’s clients are benefiting from this! Laboratorios Aseptic is a pharmaceutical and cosmetics products manufacturer based in the city of Barranquilla. The company has signed a 20 year contract with Recap for a 142 kWp solar system installed in their premises.


Another project in Colombia

Steel products manufacturer Impuche signs a 20-year contract with Recap for a 100 kWp solar system. Without any own investments, the manufacturing company located in the city of Galapa will reduce its annual CO2 emissions in over 65 tons.

Rooftop Solar for the Textile Industry in Colombia

Recap’s Colombia portfolio is growing further with a 436.16 kWp rooftop solar project for the textile industry in Barranquilla, Atlantico. In partnership with A-Group, who will build the PV plant, we are starting the installation works for our client Compañía Nacional de Textiles S.A.S., or CONTEX. They have more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing textile products and exporting to various countries in Latin America, Europe and to the U.S. With our investment, they are getting renewable energy in their mix and reduce their electricity cost and C02 emissions.

New Country Manager in Spain

Tenerife, Spain. ReCap is proud to present Cesar Estevez, our new General Manager in Spain. Cesar has 25 years of general management experience in construction, industry, and renewables, of which nine years leading the Spanish business of Actemium and Omexom as a part of VINCI Energies. After ReCap successfully closed a challenging 2020 for all, Cesar will take our Spanish team to new heights.

Ending 2020 with the incorporation of ReCap India

ReCap is proud to announce the incorporation of its Indian subsidiary. From our base in Bangalore, we will work for enabling businesses in India to benefit from clean, solar energy at zero investments. We look forward to contributing to India’s sustainable future.

Installation works – 24 kWp – Lácteos Campo Real, Sotaquirá, Colombia

ReCap is starting the installation works for another solar energy project in the Colombian portfolio. With this 24 kWp rooftop PV installation, our client Lácteos Campo Real will benefit from more than 36 MWh of clean energy per year. This is how every year they will reduce the carbon footprint of their artisan cheeses by 14 tonnes.

For 17 years, Lácteos Campo Real have been preserving ancestral heritage in the dairy industry by bridging the way of small-scale producers and processors to a large market. Now ReCap is helping them bridge their energy needs and the environmental goals they have set.

New projects in Spain

This November, ReCap signed 5 new projects in different regions of Spain. The projects have a total capacity 354 kWp.

Within these, we highlight the solution proposed to client Gema&Crima.

A ReCap client since June 2019, Gema&Crima had to increase its contracted power, for which they would have to make a substantial investment themselves.

ReCap solved the issue by installing a 103 kWh battery thus adding 29 kWp to the PV capacity. As a result, Gema&Crima avoided the need to increase the capacity and its related costs, and now benefits from even more clean, locally produced and cheaper energy.

Virutex Ilko Colombia – 614.18 kWp

Puerto Tejada (Cauca), Colombia. ReCap is growing and is proud to announce another solid project and a promising partnership – with Virutex Ilko Colombia. The 614.18 kWp rooftop installation for self-consumption will be, to date, our largest in Colombia, in a long list of excellent investment opportunities on this market. The plant will provide clean energy to the local Virutex manufacturing facility helping them reduce their carbon footprint by more than 300 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year, the equivalent of planting nearly 14,000 trees.

Empresas Virutex Ilko is a Chile-based family business in cleaning and kitchen products with more than 70 years of history. It has operations in Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Argentina, and it exports to more than 20 other countries.

Project Commissioned – 60,75 kWp – Colégio Claretiano, Colombia

ReCap is proud to announce the commissioning of the rooftop installation at Colegio Claretiano in Colombia, a market heavily hit by Covid-19. The plant shall produce 91.610 kWh and avoid 35,64 tons of CO2 emissions per year.  More than a source of clean energy and cost savings for the school, the project will also serve as a showcase of the functionality and advantages of solar power for students, parents, and other members of the school community.