Armendariz in Seville contracts 125 kWp

The ReCap Group signs contract with Armendariz in Seville.

ReCap Ibérica will provide the client with a 125 kWp solar photovoltaic system installed on the roof of the building in Seville.

Once the system is installed, Armendariz will benefit from over 210 thousand kWh/year of clean solar energy and lower its emissions in more than 92 tons of CO2 / year.

Armendariz is a student housing building in the central area of one of Spain’s most beautiful city. It offers different types of accommodations for students as well as services such as restaurant, laundry and leisure areas.




Gabriel de Colombia contracts 320 kWp

The ReCap Group is proud to have Gabriel de Colombia as its client.

ReCap Colombia in collaboration with installer Senergysol will provide the client with a 320 kWp solar photovoltaic system installed on the roof of its unit in Bogotá.

At zero investment from its side, Gabriel de Colombia will benefit from over 450 thousand kWh/year generated by the solar system and lower its emissions in more than 176 tons of CO2.

Gabriel de Colombia is a leading company in manufacturing of auto parts, specialized in shock absorbers and suspension systems. Gabriel supplies its high-quality products to the Colombian markets and exports to other 32 countries all over the world.




Maven e Hijos contracts 124 kWp solar energy

Solar energy is the choice of the Ford, Volvo and Hyundai dealer in the Spanish region of Extremadura. The company focuses in innovation and high technology and understood that ReCap offered the best solution for supplying 5 of its shops with solar energy.

The contract was signed this November and the installation works shall start in short time. The units receiving the solar plants are:

  •  Almendrejo: 33 kWp
  •  Badajoz: 30,4 kWp
  •  Cáceres: 11,2 kWp
  •  Hojalateros: 21,2 kWp
  •  Zafra: 17,2 kWp

Kicking off with the installation works at Caryse

ReCap Ibérica has started the installation of the 197,83 kWp solar generator at Caryse.

The generator is composed of 542 mono crystalline 365W panels from Jinko and 2 x 82,8kW SolarEdge inverters.

Once it is ready, the generator will provide around  56% of the client’s energy demand.




ReCap Brasil signs contract with Multi Shopping

The ReCap Group is proud to announce the signing of its first contract in Brazil. Our client Multi Shopping will benefit from clean and cheaper energy to power its common areas. Solar energy and EV charger will be supplied by ReCap Brasil at zero investment from the client. At a later stage the project can be enlarged and extended to the individual stores.

Multi Shopping is a mall with stores, restaurants and offices in the beautiful city of Florianópolis. Besides the benefits made possible by the contract, solar energy and EV chargers are part of the mall’s high-end profile and a way to keep ahead of competition.

The project will be developed with ReCap Brasil’s partner ElektSolar, a highly qualified WEG certified installer.






Starting the construction of the solar + storage system at Ge.Ma & Cri.Ma S.L.

With zero investment from its side Ge.Ma & Cri.Ma. will improve the quality of its electrical energy, reduce costs and lower GHG emissions.

The construction has started and Ge.Ma & Cri.Ma will soon be able to enjoy the benefits of the 29,9 kWp with batteries that ReCap is installing on the company’s roof in Cáceres, Spain.

The 90 Canadian Solar polycrystalline panels combined with 3 single-phase 10 kW Solar Edge inverters and the 3 LG batteries of 10 kWh each shall produce over 46 thousand kWh per year as well as avoid blackouts and energy fluctuations to this Client.

ReCap custom designed this solution for Ge.Ma & Cri.Ma aiming to supply almost all of the company’s electricity need through the system.





Colegio Claretiano – Sustainability and Savings

Besides fine education, Colegio Claretiano in Bogotá, Colombia is setting a good example of sustainability and energy efficiency. The school shall save over 10 million Colombian Pesos yearly in its energy costs, through ReCap´s energy efficiency contract. Besides the economic savings, the institution will avoid emissions of over 35 tons of CO2 per year.

The 60,75 kWp solar energy system installed on Colegio Claretiano’s roof is expected to generate over 91 thousand kWh of clean energy per year and improve the school’s economic and environmental performance without any investment from its side.

The contract was signed on the 6th of August and its term is 15 years. Throughout this period the operation, management and responsibility over the energy system will be done entirely by ReCap.




Lowering the carbon footprint of Jamones Mallo

ReCap’s 100 kWp system will allow Jamones Mallo to reduce over 67 tons of CO2 emissions per year, and save over 2.200 Euros per year, without any investments.

Jamones Mallo is a company located in the Spanish region of Extremadura and is specialized in high quality meat products such as the Serrano Ham and sausages made from Iberian breed.

The company has high quality and environmental criteria and is ISO 9.001 (quality) and 14.001 (environment) certified. To push its environmental performance even further, Jamones Mallo opted for ReCap’s energy services and will have over 50% of its electricity from solar.


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Ge.Ma & Cri.Ma S.L. : Combining solar energy and batteries

With this project ReCap enters the energy storage market. We believe that the combination of solar energy and storage will make electrical energy more universally available and sustainable.

ReCap’s zero investment energy service solution will lower this client’s CO2 emissions in over 20 tons per year and the combined generation + storage system will allow the client to plan his energy usage more efficiently and to use the stored capacity during peak hours.

Ge.Ma & Cri.Ma is a construction material retailer located in Cáceres, Spain. ReCap designed a special solution that will allow the company to cover almost all its electrical energy needs with a combination of solar photovoltaics and energy storage with lithium batteries.



Solar plant at Agromonte starts operating

ReCap is proud to start the operations of its project at Agromonte, a reputable producer of flowers in Colombia.
Our PV system is expected to allow savings of over 3 million COP in electricity costs, without any investments from the client, and to avoid almost 12 tons of CO2 emissions yearly.
The project was developed by ReCap and local partner Senergysol and mounted on the roof of one of Agromonte’s warehouses.