An international, diverse and highly skilled team

ReCap counts on a team of professionals with high expertise in the company’s core competences: Finance, Technology and Commerce. Currently we have representatives from seven different countries, speaking eight languages and a deep knowledge of the markets and business culture of the markets where our company is present.

ReCap Group

Marco Berggren

Marco Berggren

Founder, CEO


Kristian Brüning

Director, Asset Manager, Partner


Eduardo Rechden

Global Market Development Manager, Partner


Nico Wolf

Energy Finance Analyst, Partner

Natalia Comin

Legal and logistics manager

Senior Advisors

Nicholas Anderson

Senior Advisor, Partner

Conor Foley

Senior Advisor, Partner

ReCap Nordic

Roland Elander

Co-founder, CEO, Partner

Christer Asplund

Co-founder, CCO, Partner

Amelia Oller

Business Development

ReCap España

Juan Gamez

General Manager

Aitor Valero Ferrándiz


Aarón Méndez Afonso


Adriana González Fuentes

Solar Engineer

Angie Garzón

Solar Engineer

Evel Vicente Clemente


ReCap Colombia

William Morales

General Manager, Partner

Alfonso Morales

Senior Advisor

Santiago Espinal

Senior Advisor

Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo Castro

Senior Advisor

ReCap Brasil

Felipe Borschiver

General Manager, Partner

ReCap India


Arati Davis

Business Developer

Mikael Kullman

Senior Advisor